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About NARFE, NARFE in Florida, and Chapter 717

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NARFE is one of America's oldest national associations which celebrated its 90th anniversary in February 2011, amid plenty of reminders that it's still badly needed.

The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, (NARFE) was organized on February 19, 1921. Its mission is to protect the earned benefits of America's active and retired federal workers, their families, and survivors.


During the ensuing years the group has grown from 14 founding members to nearly half a million, with chapters in every state and overseas, more than 1,740 chapters world wide.

The recent budget squabbles in Washington, which has triggered a new wave of bashing seniors and denigrating the federal worker, show us what a vital role we have to play.

We've had many successes, but today just as in 1921, there remains an ongoing need to educate politicians, press, and the public on the true nature of federal workers and their retirement annuities. Federal employees have earned those benefits over a lifetime of public service. Those benefits are deferred, promised compensation, (a deliberate putting off to a later time), not cushy gifts; and federal retirees need and are owed them in their sunset years.

NARFE is the only national organization specifically dedicated to protecting the interests of federal retirees and their dependents. Over its three-quarters of a century existence, NARFE has had a remarkable record of success in its continuing mission. Most recently, NARFE was instrumental in making sure that civil service annuitants and their survivors were not unfairly targeted for budget cuts, which were not required of others, during the budget-balancing negotiations.

Their are approximately 160,000 retired federal civilian workers residing in Florida. Thus far 23,031 have answered the call to affect our representatives in favor of sustaining promised benefits for civil service retirees and surviving spouses.

NARFE Chapter 717 serves the NARFE community in the Venice / Englewood / Nokomis region of Sarasota county with an active membership. NARFE Florida Federation has assigned Chapter 717 to service members residing in the following ZIP codes:

33834, 34223, 34251, 34265, 34266, 34267, 34268, 34272, 34274, 34275, 34284, 34285, 34289, 34292, 34293.

Join us in our continued efforts to protect the issues that can, and will affect your lives and those of your survivors.



"Dues, payments, gifts, or contributions to NARFE-PAC are not deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes."

(Above explanation posted with thanks to the NARFE Florida Federation Webmaster and National Membership Office).

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